Content Marketing for Lead Generation

Content Marketing is the practice of telling people who you are, what you are about and whats in it for them. Basic thoughts but important if you are trying to build your reputation online and attract more clients.

How you do it is basic to the story you would tell to anyone meeting you for the first time. People love stories and they are the best way of letting potential customers or clients who you are and what you stand for.

You can provide content in a variety of ways such as podcasting,articles,videos,slideshows, and info graphics. You can also author e-books as well as publish online using Kindle editions or hard copy books. This enables you to build your reputation and allow you to share your ideas and information with others.If you’re considering a product launch, clickfunnels coupon can help you reach thousands of dollars worth of sales  by implementing effective sales funnel.

We spoke to a marketing agency that has been in a business for a very long while and have withstood the test of time. Their first recommendation: you want to be very aware of Search Engine Optimization techniques to make sure your content gets the widest distribution via Google, Bing and other search engines. So true. Let’s look at some examples of good content marketing provided by a digital marketing agency.

Examples of Good Content Marketing

I am always looking for examples of content marketing and here are a few people I have got to know.

The first is a video explanation of Search Engine Optimization with elaboration on how it is important by marketing expert Maria Gudelis utilizing her You Tube Channel

Maria who teaches and practices marketing gives you the basics of Search and describes where you can get more clients and get higher rankings based on your content marketing efforts.
She gives you the justification for doing the work for content marketing based on industry statistics, and outlines that organic search is a great driver for lead generation.

Secondly let me use this slideshare presentation by Ryan Hanley as another example of good content marketing using established search engine optimization techniques. The content is spot on with the topic here and Ryan provides some excellent ideas on content marketing.

My last example of excellent content marketing is Marcus Sheridan, The Sales Lion, who is an accomplished speaker and operates a swimming pool business in suburban Virginia. He is an engaging presenter who provides all the knowledge you would ever wish to know about fiberglass swimming pools. This abundance of information gives him not only leads but also a positive position of influence in his industry. When you search on “fiberglass pools pros and cons” here is what you will find.

 social media strategy

Not only are the three above examples of content marketing instructive, they are all search engine friendly and yield results as lead generation tools for the authors themselves.

Content Marketing for Local Business

One of the methods I also use is podcasting. One of the clients I have worked with is Jeff Brodie, President of Codefusion Communications Inc, a Toronto based I.T. and telephony consultant. He and I have done a series of podcasts and articles on technology topics to provide useful information to his client base.

 digital marketing ppt

His work on the podcast was not enough. Jeff joined a select group of North America’s leading experts to co-write the book titled,”The Tech Multiplier: The World’s Leading Technology Consultants reveal In depth Case Studies of How the Smartest Businesses in the World are Leveraging Technology to Increase Profits and Reduce Waste While Safeguarding Data.” His chapter in the book is titled Using Technology to Manufacture Time and Print Money.”
On the day of release, “The Tech Multiplier” reached best-seller status in six categories – The book reached best-seller status in the Computer Networking, Computer Networks, Protocols &APIs, Information Systems, wholesale distribution software Engineering, Computer Science, and Computers and Technology categories.

Think about content marketing to help build links and the content you may have already produced. I hope you now can see many other ways to repurpose it and create more content to generate more leads.


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