Local Search in Cambridge,Ontario

Local Search Marketing in Cambridge Ontario

Local Search Engine Marketing in Cambridge, , is a field where the landscape is always dynamic and changing. To get the best results for your product or service you have to make sure it is placed where people are searching. This means on social media sites like Facebook and twitter as well as on review sites and local directory sites.

To get the best value out of your local search you should seek a competent local search marketing consultant who is up to date with the latest tips and tricks and tools that will help your business get found on the search engines and keep you at he top of the search results. You know how your own business or practice runs and understand all the knowledge that makes you an expert in your field no matter if it is cosmetic surgery,dental implants,carpentry or plumbing installations. The Silent Seller understands all aspects of search marketing.

Local Search Skills

As a business professional you must keep up with the trends in your area of expertise and do continuing education to keep your skills at their best. So too do local search consultants like myself who are working in local search marketing as local search consultants. There are over hundreds of search blogs to keep up with from Search Engine Land-Local Search to top seo blogs like Bruce Clay Inc and Lee Odden’s TopRankBlog. The Silent Seller operates out of Cambridge,Ontario but serves clients in Canada, the United States and globally with the same ease and ability to communicate.

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Local Search Alerts

One way to find out when your business or practice is mentioned on the web is Google Alerts. It allows you to set up an alert which is delivered to you automatically by email at predetermined times as requested by you. You specify the keywords and or phrases you want to receive an alert on and Google does he rest.

Use this service for your own continuing education on topics of interest to you and your business or practice as well. You will be alerted when an item of interest shows up indexed in the massive search engine. Best of all this service is free.

I hope this helps you run your business profitably. If you need assistance with ranking,local marketing, Google Places, Facebook ,You Tube or other marketing please give us a call at 226-444-3820 or leave a comment below and we will get back to you. If you want a good primer on local search go to Finding Your Business Today and pick up a copy of my book on local search.


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