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There are a number of organizations that spell trust on the web and AboutUs.org in my estimation is one of those that do so and do so very well. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon on the banks of the Willamette River they have the largest editable index of websites.


Done wiki style this index has human reviewers and is a great resource to marketers and individuals with an online presence. They have been doing work for the benefit of website owners for the past few years on a gratis basis and have helped scores of entrepreneurs in their quest for improved search engine optimization visibility. They have just introduced a paid product called the AboutUs Site Report

For only $9.95 a month they will look over your shoulder and give you valuable suggestions that you can use to maximize your visibility on the web and assure you can be found by potential customers for what you want to be found for. Given the importance of search engine optimization practices this represents great value as it will tell you what you are doing right and what you need to improve upon.

Being found online requires that what you put up on the web is not only aesthetically pleasing to the reader and well laid out but its underlying elements can be read and clearly understood by search engine spiders or bots.

No SEO Mumbo Jumbo-Just Simple Suggestions

It will provide warnings about which specific elements of your site need attention and what you can do about it. Not in the mumbo-jumbo talk of search engine optimization operators who promise you a first place listing in Google,and who you should run from if your hear this kind of promises, but in simple everyday actionable terms

.It will tell you this for over 50 pages on your website. It will allow you to fix the errors and rerun your reports as many times as you feel necessary. This in itself will make you a better site for all and increase the relevancy of your site for searchers as well as educate you on best practices.

About Us has been providing a number of free services to the marketplace and small businesses especially for a few years. They have offered the free Website Visibility Report with Home Page Analysis and Web Presence observations and should be on everyone’s broswer favorite lists if you are concerned about new tricks and tools for internet marketing. Their blog is also chock full of information that can help you understand the latest gyrations of Google, such as Kristina Weis’ recent article on the Google Farmer Update. along with many other excellent articles to help you.

Buy AboutUs.org Site Report

Buy the site report, it will be a worthwhile investment for you. But don’t just take my word on it. Here are a few others inside and outside that have spoken about it.

Quotes from Ray King, CEO

The same technology we’ve developed at AboutUs that allows us to gather information about websites is now being put to use for the benefit of website owners. The AboutUs Site Report offers insight about how a specific website handles the most important elements for SEO at a price that any website owner can afford.
AboutUs.org gathers many different pieces of important information about a website – and we do it for millions of sites, all for free. Now, for a very low cost, anyone can get even deeper insight into the SEO of any site. People using AboutUs.org have been telling us this is exactly what they’re looking for, and we’re proud to deliver it.

Quotes from Martin Laetsch, Chief Strategy Officer

The AboutUs Site Report is an easy, affordable way for any small business to get expert SEO advice for their website.
We’re delighted to offer the small business owners who are our long-time customers a product that will help them learn how to compete more effectively against competitors with bigger advertising budgets.
Internet marketing doesn’t have to be scary. The AboutUs Site Report analyzes a website and tells the site owner how to fix the most important issues that could be blocking their online success. Small business owners can get back to running their business, instead of having to try and figure out how to interpret confusing – and often just plain wrong – Internet marketing advice they find around the Web.
There are a few truly great SEO tools on the market for large companies and professional search marketers. But frankly, there haven’t been many professional-grade SEO tools available for small business. The AboutUs Site Report addresses this gap in the SEO market. We use the same rules and follow the same best practices that top-notch search marketers use, but we go much deeper into explaining what’s working, what’s wrong, and especially why it matters.

The massively scaled technology we built to serve website owners on AboutUs.org is what allows us to generate high-quality, robust reports for tens of thousands of customers. That stands in contrast to the manually created, one-off audits done by many agencies and the hundreds – or even thousands – of audits performed by other SEO tools. Because we can create reports in such high volume, we can deliver small businesses a robust, powerful tool they can afford.

Getting found in search engines is critical for most businesses, but learning how to do it is a real challenge. Medium and large businesses can hire internet marketing professionals or high-dollar online marketing agencies, but small businesses, content creators and bloggers have been pretty much on their own…until now. The AboutUs Site Report combines expert search marketing analysis, professionally written advice and world-class technology to make SEO accessible to everyone.

Customer Comments

Quote from Kate Ford, Mortgage and Real Estate Expert and Entrepreneur

Your Site Report put my website through the Goldilocks test. It reported back which of my existing elements were too hot (web description), too cold, (page headline) and the ones that were just right! In addition, the report offered easy solutions in plain English. The Site Report is simple to use and quick, a good addition to the tool kit of anyone who understands the importance of ranking higher in search engines.

Quote from Ed Mus, owner of Deals2save.com

I really like this whole Site Report that was put together from the AboutUs.org staff. They have really helped me improve my websites so they can get noticed by search engines more often. I have improved my page loading speed, fixed my canonical URL issues, meta descriptions, keywords, and titles on the advice of the Site Report. I look for more great SEO tools being offered in the near future from AboutUs.org and can’t wait to use them to improve my websites even more.” Why is UTM so important? UTM is the basis of acquisition grouping which is the only user-friendly way to look upon acquision sources as a whole. Creating UTM URL builder tags fixes this traffic channel grouping and lets you dig into one category for more in-depth analysis.

And finally from Rob Metras The Silent Sellera Cambridge,Ontario local search consultant.

First rate resource backed up by a knowledgeable team of specialists and real people you can talk to when you are unsure of a problem. Support their product so we can all continue to benefit from this valuable resource. It is one that I use and one I encourage you to use also.


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