Social Media Matters

Social Media Matters

Social Marketing is one of the best ways to get more customers and activity is to look at using the power of the social web. The growth of Facebook, Twitter, Yelp,Linked In has fueled some of the cheapest and most effective marketing tools to have come down the pike. More and more consumers of all ages are going to the Web to find what they are looking media

A common sense business and marketing thought is to find out where the hungry market is,what they are doing, and ask what can you provide to feed their need. Social Media tools allow you to do this simply and can give focus to your marketing.

Social Media and Return on Investment

Imagine spending nothing but the time and getting exposure to new clients, current clients views about your product or service. In Social Marketing “The Return On Investment (ROI)” question is one that comes up constantly and is easily answered in a number of studies. A new book (March 2011) out published by Wiley The ROI of Social Media that provides useful case studies.

ROI of Social Media: How to Improve the Return on Your Social Marketing Investment was written by Guy Powell,Steven Groves and Jerry Dimos.

Another similar book by Olivier Blanchard Social Media ROI: Managing and Measuring Social Media Efforts in Your Organization (Que Biz-Tech) talks about the Management and Measurement principles involved with Social Media.

Erik Qualman of provides a bit more meat on the bone on the issue below.

Social Media For You Now

Take advantage of sites such as Yelp, Yellowpages, and Google Places Local Business Results. Put a Facebook Like button on your website.

These services are free to add your listing and can also be very effective. These allow your customers and clients to leave a comment about your service and people love to look up that information. You will have a huge advantage over your competition if you have 2 reviews on your business and the other competitors have none.

Are you managing your Listing on Google Places ? We can improve to get you better listings for free and give you important feedback and tracking and analytic data.

But no matter how you want to participate in social media we can help. Perhaps you want to put a Facebook fan page up, start a Twitter feed or establish your listings on Google Places. We can get it done for you now. Call Rob at 226-444-3820 for a free 1/2 hr consultation and discussion.


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