SEO Tips- Speed Up

SEO Tips for the Need for Speed

My No 1 SEO Tips towards speed. Page load time is important for your website and is becoming an item that Google is using in their ranking algorithm.Webworks are best when it comes to implementing SEO. When I say speed of load I mean how fast your website loads in a browser. According to SEO Reseller Joost de Valk of and author of numerous WordPress plugins, the optimal load time is under 2 seconds.

SEO Tips- Plugins

For that Google rewards you. Here are a few tips how you can increase your page speed on your blog free of charge
• If your are using any Java script libraries like jquery, in most WP themes, have them load directly from Google versus from your site use the plugin Use Google Libraries” to accomplish this. It speeds you up and you use less of your own bandwidth.
• If your blog has many images on it use the plugin WP Smush.IT” which will reduce the size of your images for faster loading by using the engine.
• Often WordPress themes have lots of tiny images on them. You can find a cool tool at” This will take a number of tiny images and  put them  together into a css sprite so that they load much faster. Images use one of the 8 connections available in a browser so combining them into a css sprite allows your site to load faster . There is an excellent tutorial available on this tool on the site. You can see best wordpress hosting in 2020 here.

SEO Tips- Content Delivery Network

On the paid side you will dramatically boost your load time by using a Content Delivery Network. Popular choices are Amazon’s S3 service or  their Cloudfront service and MaxCDN/DNANet. They have very competitive prices to store and deliver your content as you need it from their servers in the cloud. It is important to note that there are many high end cloud hosting services out there, so make sure that you choose the best and right one for you. Some will grant you access to features others will not, and these can make your tasks much easier to accomplish, depending on the specifics of the services you wish to provide. Make sure you look carefully, and pick wisely.

MaxCDN Content Delivery Network

In order to use these most efficiently you should use a caching plugin. The plugin I have used after trying several others is W3TotalCache by W3 Edge. It will allow you to minify your css, and has a wide variety of caching tools that you can use. Coupled with a CDN it will serve your static content , such as themes and css,from the cloud automatically . The setup instructions are easy to follow and their are tutorials on the web to assist you. These will make sure your blogging or business blog are speedy.

I use it and it helps with speed. If you look carefully near the botton of the MaxCDN site you find a little gem to save you some money also.


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