Power of Blogging for Your Business

This is a book on business blogging by Sarah Santacroce, operator of Geneva based Simplicity , made from the transcript of an online webinar with Online Visibility Mentor Denise Wakeman, who’s also the founder of ‘The Blog Squad’. It talked about the importance of Blogging for Small Business Owners. The text is jam packed with valuable advice, input & links to resources that both Denise Wakeman & Sarah Santacroce use in their business. And which you could employ in your business or professional practice today. It also gives some examples including one of swimming pool king River Pools authored by The Sales Lion Marcus Sheridan which is one of the most successful examples of business blogging

(As i write this post Sarah is offering it FREE to Kindle users although it may not stay at that price point for long.)

Power of Blogging Contains

In this Kindle ebook you will find answers to some of the following questions: – Which type of business owner should be blogging? – What should I write about on my blog? – How to get  wordpress hosting? – How can I justify the time investment it takes to run a blog? – What’s better: a Facebook page or a blog? – What if I don’t like to write? – How can I get more subscribers to my newsletter via my blog?

Blogging for Business and Other Ideas

Sarah Santacroce has written other Kindle titles a well  including Blogging for Beginners – Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions social media strategy ,WordPress Basics – From 0 to Publishing Your 1st Blog Post digital marketing ppt as well as one about using Linked In in your business LinkedIn For B2B Success digital marketing ppt  and she helps businesses with their marketing and social media through her firm Simplicity.

If you are looking for more of Denise’s thoughts on business blogging you can find a number of videos on You Tube on her channel. The one I have posted below is directly related to blogging for your business to get leads and compliments some of the ideas in Sarah’s book. Sarah’s also has a channel on YouTube you should check out as she has a number of videos that are useful to you in your blogging and building your business



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