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Understand Google’s Ranking algorithm and Google advertising methods.”
Before users can determine whether a website meets their search queries, the search engines typically retrieve the website title and click through links. Each link has a certain value and each page of search results has a particular value.

You can’t expect to have a user convert into a paying customer if he’s never seen or heard of your product. Which brings us back to the term “SEO‖. In the context of the e-commerce industry, one of the main goals of SEO is getting your website into Google’s first page. SEO experts refer to this as the 1st page of Google results and as Google is a search engine of the Internet, this translates to getting your website to be listed on the first page in Google’s results. There are two main methods used to improve Google’s search results. PageRank is a ranking factor which refers to the combination of the anchor text of a site with the relevant keywords that are related to the search term. The more links pointing to your website, the more PageRank it will have. The second method of ranking your website is to offer an attractive product to be sold.

As per Google, the PageRank algorithm is simple and its operation is very simple: An increased PageRank for a site shows other sites will be more likely to show your site in the results that they display. Google’s primary way of determining if a website ’s page is accurate and useful for the reader is Google Search Console. Search Console is a tool that you can use to track the time spent by users, make improvements to your site’s ranking, and increase your page rank. (Source: Google) Top 10 SEO Techniques So, as mentioned earlier, SEO is all about making sure your website ranks for relevant keywords. But a keyword list doesn’t provide the full picture. If you are looking for the exact keyword to rank for, you must actually take the time to learn how to code your own web page. But what can you learn? The techniques which I teach here can be used to beat back the mass hordes of search engine crawlers. Drive the right traffic for more conversions and watch your revenue skyrocket with an SEO agency in Sydney.

How SEO Works With Google Advertisers?

Google Advertisers display a banner ad on your website and then determine the ranking of your website. So if your site gets a significant amount of traffic, it might make sense for a client to pay a professional to display a banner ad for you. With the AdWords Advertising network, you get paid in advance for every search user that clicks on the ad and sees your site. You can see more details on Google’s AdWords network.

When Should SEO Begin?

It depends on what your business model is, where you are located and your goal. For small-sized businesses, starting SEO is not as crucial as it is for business owners in other industries. Just start developing your SEO plan with the goal to create quality website traffic and trust it will work out. If your business is very small and relies heavily on offline marketing, start developing your SEO plan.

When Should SEO Begin?

Budget is a part of every business that must be accounted for. In many cases, it can be a very difficult concept to grasp. Just having a budget can be confusing for an entrepreneur who has to do what is in hisher best interest. A solid business budget should cover everything from office expenses (house and land lease), employees (salary, 401K, health insurance), and marketing expenses (web development, flyers, advertising). With budget, an entrepreneur has to manage everything, from SEO, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, product development, etc. In order to start SEO, you must first assess your business budget.






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