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  • Lead Generation is the Pipeline to Your Success

    Lead generation is crucial for any business, especially local retail businesses. Here are some of the best tools and techniques for lead generation for local retail businesses in Canada and the USA: Social Media: Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are great for generating leads. Retail businesses can create social media pages and […]

  • Apple Map and SEO for your business

    Apple Maps: What a maps web snapshot can do for your online content Apple lets you create a static map image from a URL with chosen parameters and characteristics. Joy Hawkins on January 6, 2022 at 4:38 pm Recently posted in  Search Engine Land about Map SEO I share it with you as it is excellent […]

  • Direct Mail-Resurgence in Reaching Generation Z

    It’s 2018. Baby Boomers are in their sixties, Generation Xers are in their forties, and Millennials are in their thirties. Now Generation Z is on the scene and they are a consumer force to be reckoned with. While previous generations certainly matter when it comes to marketing, these young people, mostly teenagers at this point, […]

  • Lead Capture |Are You Missing Leads ?| Use Mailchimp

            Don’t Miss Leads- Use Mailchimp for Lead Capture Your lead capture is an important facet of marketing your business or professional practice when you have a web presence. One of the best lead capture tools is a good autoresponder.  Up till now there have been a few shortcomings. If you wanted […]

  • Lead Capture- Marketing Minute #3

    Lead Capture is the Lifeblood of Marketing Enjoy my cinchcast below – Lead Capture Marketing Minute #3

  • Silent Seller Asks -Does Your Website Engage ?

    One of the best ways to make your local business website more profitable immediately is to take  proactive action… instead of  reaction and engage your customers. Unfortunately, most businesses both large and small use their website as a calling card or static site and leave the customer cold.  While it is good to have a […]