Social Media Marketing – Marketing Minute #2

Social Media Marketing

Here is a Marketing Minute Tip from Rob Metras, The Silent Seller on using social tools to amplify the message from your business blog and engage your users.

Social Media Marketing Amplifies Valuable Content

Like in all social venues and indeed your business blog you want to share something of interest and not merely some marketing or sales bunk. What you post should be of value to the reader, interesting,useful and above all shareable. People are not interested in sales fluff .They want to know whats in it for them. And indeed we will have a simple series of posts coming up on how to establish your Facebook page, your Twitter Profile and your Posterous
account. You can also post to Digg, YouTube ,Flicker, and FriendFeed for photos and to your Linked In profile

Social Media

Automate your phone lead generation and prospecting

Utilize Social Media in Your Marketing

Social Media Marketing works in a pull and stay way versus advertising’s push and pray. Use it right and prosper.


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