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Use Infographics for Your Business

Infographics for business are becoming more popular daily in general use as a way to create information that is easily read and satisfies a strong visual identity.

For example the Infographic below talks about the Evolution of the MBA and is used by the University of North Carolina to give a visual message of what the MBA developed from ,who employs MBA graduates, what the starting salaries are and provides valuable content and context to the reader/viewer. Inherent in this infographic for business here is that it brings awareness to the UNC Online MBA and puts their product in context with Harvard,UWO’s Ivey School , and Dartmouth’s Tuck School by association. All are top MBA schools in North America.

Evolution of the MBA
Online MBA Program

We have been used to these images from the newspapers and media sites for a whie but it is now getting into the regular use by business and marketers to provide valuable content marketing.

Create Infographics for your Business

Below is a Business infographic I created with a free tool call Wordle. If you supply your URL of your site it will create, at no cost, an infographic or Word Cloud for you, in this case based on this site’s content. In a glance you should get what The Silent Seller is all about, small business and local search marketing

Wordle: Local Search Marketing
You can also create the same kind of infographics for displaying data using other free tools.
Here are a few of them

To learn more about using Infographics I suggest you look at Make Use Of which has a section of infographic tools along with many other tutorials. Gapminder was founded by a renowned health scientist and statistician who describe infographics as “unveiling the beauty of statistics for a fact-based world view”

Study Others to get Business Infographic Techniques and Ideas

If you want a little deeper view several other blogs like The Daily Infographic and Cool Infographics or which shows samples, lets you look at others who excel at infographics, get comments on your own work as well as create an infographic with the data available.

Here is a sample from to give you an idea of the quality available to assist you.

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Infographics for Business
Small Business Effectiveness Tips 2012

Text conveys a message but the ease for the reader or viewer of a visual increases awareness of new items and statistics, such as on mobile marketing. on the previous post.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]


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