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5 Viral Marketing Tips

Any seasoned marketing firm will attest to the immense power of viral marketing in pulling in new patrons. Many enterprises, however, neglect this strategy by not crafting a website via a web design service company. After firming up your marketing strategies, it’s wise to plan your business’s next steps, perhaps utilizing a Business Continuity Planning Software if the task appears daunting.


So, what exactly is viral marketing? Essentially, it’s a process where your product or website gets recommended by others. One enduringly effective method for achieving this is through linear TV advertising services. The pace and reach of this method keep it relevant even today. It’s simply another term for referral advertising, which brings with it elements of trust and social proof – two potent factors in your marketing endeavors. For more information, click here.


The beauty of viral marketing lies in the fact that it doesn’t necessitate additional expenditures on your part. Some may refer to it as earned media. It’s well-documented that word-of-mouth advertising from prospects or customers lends your marketing efforts greater believability.

But how does one set their marketing on a viral path? Here are five top methods:


#1) Promote Referrals with Incentives


An effective way to increase subscribers for your newsletter or mailing list is by offering a reward for referrals. You could, for example, offer a complimentary eBook or a $50 discount on one of your products or services for referrals. Make it attractive and ensure the content is top-notch.


Instead of incentives, you can hand out referral cards with direct links to online review sites like Yelp and Google My  Business (GMB)to your happy customers. Just take a moment to ask them for a review.


#2) Freebies


Distributing free eBooks about your business with distribution rights is another viral strategy. For instance, if you’re an interior designer, you could share a “10 Things to Know about Hiring a Designer” eBook or report. Encourage recipients to share it further and ensure it contains links to your content.


Offer the eBook on your website or use it as a lure to get newsletter sign-ups and engage them in your world.


#3) Share Valuable Information for free


Providing substantial free content is the best way to generate referrals. Complementing your free eBooks with quality web content builds trust with your readers.

However, if your free content lacks quality, readers may question the worth of your advice or service. Share your expert knowledge, tips, and techniques related to your field. Make your content exceptional.


#4) Craft an engaging eBook title


A dull title won’t entice readers. Consider including lists to make it interesting. For example, if you’re a plumber or renovations contractor, you could name your bathroom renovation eBook “10 most common ways to Jazz up your bathroom.”


#5) Website Content


Arguably the most effective way to make your content viral is by  creating your own  videos on YouTube shorts or TikTok like I do on my channel

 Often, other sites will repost your content, driving more traffic your way with no additional effort. But to achieve this, your content needs to stand out.


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