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  • New Business Tips for Success

    New Business Tips for Success

    New Business Tip No 1: Find online services that can help new businesses It is a very simple situation, but it turns into your whole world. You’re looking to get a new business off the ground. People’s livelihoods are up in the air, waiting for this business to succeed or go under. It’s a very […]

  • Marketing Strategy For Small Business – Why A Website?

      Small Business Marketing Strategy Working in the field of business consulting for several years, I found that instead of “here is my marketing strategy and plan”, usually the first thing I hear from small businesses, dentists and other professionals is that they must have a website. I hear that almost as much as Facebook […]

  • Social Media Automation -Distribution not Content

    Social Media Automation – Distribution Social media automation is becoming more important as the number of different channels you are using grows by leaps and bounds. Just when you start to get things cranking on one site another pops up. I am not talking bout the flavor of the week type sites but some of […]

  • Online Marketing that Works

      Online Marketing Has Many Guides   My online marketing friend Oli Garder at Unbounce in Vancouver is one of the marketers that I like to follow because he is always providing excellent online marketing content that is informative and teaches. This process is in itself one of the best forms of marketing because it […]