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My online marketing friend Oli Garder at Unbounce in Vancouver is one of the marketers that I like to follow because he is always providing excellent online marketing content that is informative and teaches. This process is in itself one of the best forms of marketing because it allows people to see who you are and get to know you.

Here is one little nugget that came my way by ways of an infographic.

The Noob Guide to Online Marketing - Infographic
Unbounce – The DIY Landing Page Platform

Along with Oli’s attractive infographic was a series on SEO Moz which further explains the gorgeous infographic and adds a lot of meat to the bones for this topic. This information is a great training in itself of all the elements and it is a classic example of good content or educational marketing.

Online Marketing via Educational Marketing

Online marketing is changing in that it was once the stuff of advertising agencies or Madison Avenue conglomerates. The new world of marketing advisors is gradually making these middlemen expendable and passing the control directly to the brand or small business. At the same time it is doing this a new generation of marketers is also sharing the keys to the kingdom. All sorts of business are jumping in and reaping the benefits, like with HVAC Online Marketing. It is of course expected that as more business get on the bandwagon there will be more competition and therefore more options to choose from. Perhaps not a huge benefits to the businesses that jumped in first, but healthy competition is great for any potential customers of course. I intend to do this in a series of blog posts I will be starting in the new year to pass on the knowledge that I have learned in my years in the business to also assist you my readers in your education.

Digital Marketing Top Guns Talk

The first an interview How To Be A Marketing and Sales Lion with Marcus Sheridan of the Sales Lion aired in December 2011 where Marcus talked about the necessity to change his marketing model and engage as a small business person to survive.

Marcus Sheridan
The sales Lion

Sheridan was a Virginia based installer of fiberglass swimming pools and was feeling hurt by the recession and wanted to find ways to thrive. Not only did he survive he thrived and became known as The Sales Lion ,a sought-after speaker on the topic of Inbound or educational marketing. He speaks in the same language of a local entrepreneur and businessman and is easy to listen to. He also contributed along with Joel and others to Engagement from Scratch!: How Super-Community Builders Create a Loyal Audience and How You Can Do the Same!

Moving up the food chain to the enterprise level the January 1,2012 episode with Avinash Kaushik and Joel who heads the Twist Image Digital Marketing Agency . Both of these guys are at the top of their game and serve brands with Global names and reach. The tactics that they talk about certainly will make sense to you. Mitch is the master of titles in that the episode is seductively entitled Marketing Orgasms With Avinash Kaushik (It’s Not What You Think) Kaushik is so passionate about his topic you can feel it.

Avinash Kaushik

Avinash is also the Digital Marketing Evangelist at Google and one of the creators of the educational startup Market Motive. An accomplished author he has written two excellent books on Web Analytics Avinash’s Books

Your Turn Now for Online Marketing

Listen and read these items and think what you could do for your business in improving your marketing by using some of these ideas. Planning to do one post a week on your business blog that answers simply one of the top 25 questions you get in your business every week. Do it once and then use it many times. Use the post as content in any emails you send or whenever you get an inquiry. It will make you the natural market leader. By providing information about 80% of the time in your blog, tweets or postings you will become a trusted source of information for your customers and gain valuable digital marketing frontage.


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