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Business Blog Importance

Your Business Blog is Important

If you want to interest people in a business, professional practice or idea you have to talk to people where they are and engage them to see you as the expert in that area. For the purposes of this article I assume you know what a blog is, or you should. How to start an online business blog is the question we want to elaborate on here. As you know, having a business blog is a great opportunity for you to put it all out there for everyone to see and learn from. Business blogs are a marketing and communications tool that has to be nurtured and grown just like one might do for a classic rose garden. See I’ve been taking care of my garden and taking it on as a project or hobby and so far it has been quite the experience. Challenging, but very fun I must say. I like endeavors that give back as much as you invest in them, in regards to time and effort. At this point I’m trying to make the place look a little better, since I’m just about done with the stage were things just weren’t taking, probably because I was doing something wrong. I ordered gravel, and I already have a plan for how I will be setting up, and I must say, I can’t wait for the end result. The business I ordered it from seemed like real pros, established decades ago from what I could gather from their site. I’ll post a few pictures of the end result in another blog post later on.

The reason I decided to order from this particular business is a lesson in itself. See, I’ve found that people do business with people they identify with, they know, and they like. By writing a business blog your readers will come to know and like you as an individual. You can then get the next elusive step conquered and that is trust.
People can spot marketing speak or sales copy and it turns them off- so always avoid thinking your blog as an advertising platform. It is a platform for people to learn what they want to know. On their terms not yours.

Business Blog : Educate and Engage

A simple way to think about your blog is to put useful content up that you get asked about every day. For example think about the top 10 questions you are asked most often and answer them in a series of posts. You can comment on a new technique, or product that brings a solution to your reader’s problems.
If you operated a service business say for example landscaping or gardening. What thing most disappoints and frustrates your customers and friends in their gardening efforts and what new perspective or problem can you solve by writing about it. If you’ve ever wanted to get a behind-the-scenes look at the day in the life of a pro blogger, find out on dosixfigures.

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A good business blog is not about you or your business; that will come through naturally and make you the expert in your reader’ eyes if you can provide concise, direct answers to questions that either interest you or vex others. It also a chance to engage your customers to create what marketing expert @unmarketing Scott Stratten calls the Pull and Stay plan. You pull them into your circle and give them the reason why they should stay.

Use your business blog for Pull and Stay

That is simply good business and one that we should always employ in business dealings in contrast to what is called the Push and Pray strategy of mass exposure. Engaged customers will also teach you things that give you a different perspective on the market you are in. The good business blog is good for you and a great research tool to boot.

You do have to make sure you interact with your audience in your comments because they will inject both poisin and promise into your brain as one of my marketing mentors,Jeff Walker describes in his post “Injecting Poising into the brain

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